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    Cohort 1.0

    Introducing our first Cohort

    We’re delighted to welcome these dynamic and innovative companies into the Founders at the University of Cambridge Start Accelerator programme. Each of the chosen founding teams are taking IP-rich, deep tech ideas  and turning them into companies that will help to solve global challenges from climate change to mental health and fixing the food chain.

    Founders Molly Haugen, CEO
    Shaamrit Balendra, CTO
    Lee Weller, Head of Sales
    Adam Boies, PI/Executive Scientist

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    AetoSense is on a mission to provide a data-based equilibrium for energy and air quality. Their focus is on the critical impact of airborne particles on health and energy efficiency, and their innovative solutions are designed to address these challenges head-on.

    Founders Dr Ash Zarkan, CEO
    Dr Jehangir Cama, Commercial Advisor
    Dr. David Summers, Scientific Advisor

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    BioTryp Therapeutics

    Dividing bacteria to conquer infections. By targeting bacteria’s key defence mechanism, BioTryp’s technology has the potential to revolutionise how we treat infection, providing a much-needed alternative to traditional antibiotic treatments.

    Founders Dr Natalija Stepurko, CEO
    Dr James Dunce, CSO

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    Bravely Cultured

    Using proprietary marine microbial biobank and solid-state cultivation methods, BravelyCultured is replacing animal- and petroleum-based products, starting with producing eco-friendly biosurfactants that replace their petroleum-derived counterparts.

    Founders Dr Andrew Kadis, CEO
    James Wood, Software Strategist and Business Development Lead

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    Cambridge Vision Tech

    Cambridge Vison Tech has developed an integrated hardware/software platform for early-detection of Alzheimer’s disease to enable cost effective, non-invasive and scalable screening of high-risk patients at the population level.

    Founders Dr Ismail Sami, CEO
    Dr Zhuangnan Li, CTO
    Professor Manish Chhowalla, CSO
    Dr Sai Shivareddy, Commercial Advisor

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    Molyon is producing the next generation energy storage solution; the lithium-sulfur battery. They are offering long-life lithium-sulfur batteries which deliver twice the energy density of current lithium-ion batteries on the market, at a fraction of the price due to more abundant materials.

    Founders Dr Teja Potocnik, CEO
    Charlotte Esler, COO
    Dr Jack Alexander-Webber, Chief Scientist
    Professor Peter J. Christopher, CIO

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    Nanomation provides computer-vision software to the semiconductor industry, enabling clients to manufacture with advanced nanomaterials that are otherwise not usable within industry settings.

    Founders Akshat Sharma, Founder
    Chris Mairs CBE, Advisor
    Dr Gemma Bale, Advisor

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    Regaining happiness using non-invasive neurotechnology. Orbit is making mental health as transparent and actionable as physical health, starting by creating a smart fitness device for your brain!

    Founders Dr Jack Chengzhi Guo, CEO
    Professor Erwin Reisner, Technical Lead
    Professor Florian Hollfelder, Technology advisor

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    Turn waste plastics into valuable commodities to make recycling work. The company aims to realise the scalability of a novel plastic upcycling technology, chemoenzymatic photoreforming (CER), which uses sunlight to transform waste plastics into green hydrogen, plastic monomers and organics.

    Founders Nikita Dabizha, Co-founder/CEO
    George Kolokotronis, Co-founder/CTO
    Gareth Dauley, Co-founder/CCO

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    Solving the biggest problem towards Net-Zero, fixing the UK electricity grid. VOLTQUANT is a pioneering company that offers the world's first search engine for grid connections, primarily aimed at empowering project developers to seamlessly connect to the grid using a machine-learning-enabled platform.

    Founders Dr Alexander Patto, CEO
    Dr Tim Dwyer, CTO

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    William Oak Diagnostics

    William Oak Diagnostics is developing a point-of-care test for micronutrient deficiencies for maternal, infant and child health, bringing a better standard of health around the world.

    Founders Dr Jessica Corry. Co-founder/CEO
    Dr Chris Wan, Co-founder/CSO

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    Xterna’s technology helps identify different cell types in the human body, through the engineering of cell specific binders. These binders could be used for diagnostic applications or be coupled with therapeutics to aid delivery of drugs to specific cells.